High precision and reliability machining results with a minimum number of set-ups




Parts for nuclear & wind power energy sector – submarines, reactors, hub & frames for windpower.

Project Goal

  • Develop new manufacturing developments to improve companies resources
  • Development of new machining technologies.
  • Search for top partners in new machining capabilities

Project Solution

  • SORALUCE FX 12000 machine, the world’s largest machining center of its kind available for collaborative research
  • DAS System (Dynamics Active Stabilizer), a patent-pending system
  • Agreement between Soraluce and the NAMRC for an official Partnership in  manufacturing research and development strategies.
Soraluce experience at Nuclear AMRC

We’re delighted to welcome SORALUCE to the Nuclear AMRC. Our SORALUCE FX 12000 centre has already proved its value to our industrial partners. Its size and capabilities allow us to undertake the most demanding machining tasks for a range of high-precision, mission-critical applications for the energy sector.

Jay Shaw, Head of Machining at the Nuclear AMRC