Fagor Arrasate

Accuracy and high performance in heavy duty components


Presses and complete stamping systems


Heavy duty press components

Project goal

Complete machining of heavy duty press components in minimum number of workpiece set-ups

Project solution

SORALUCE FX-20000 floor type milling boring machine enabling:

  • Machining of heavy components up to 150 Tn
  • Complete machining of the workpiece in 3 set-ups
  • Pendulum machining, avoiding machine downtime
  • Two different working areas: floor plate and rotary-travelling table
  • H7 bore machining accuracy
  • SORALUCE design special head for specific machining operation
  • Modular quill system, patented
FAGOR Arrasate - Press components machining
Soraluce experience at Fagor Arrasate

Productivity ratios improved by 35% with SORALUCE’s solution

Aitor Txurruka, Plant Manager at FAGOR ARRASATE