DAS+ System

Beyond machine tool limits



Chatter causing:

  • Reduced cutting capability (especially when ram is extended)
  • Possible tool breakage and risk for machine components
  • Noise
  • Poor finishing and ripple marks on the workpiece



The DAS system measures the vibrations during the machining process and generates, in real time, by means of built-in actuators in the ram, an oscillation force that opposes the vibration.

DAS+ (World premiere 2017)

As an evolution of the DAS system, DAS+ includes new functionalities such as:

  • Vibration level monitoring
  • Detection of chatter
  • New spindle speed tuning: selects the optimal spindle speed where chatter is suppressed or introduces a continuous harmonic oscillation in the spindle


  • Intelligent system
  • Works in real time
  • 100% cutting capacity through the complete workpiece volume
  • Reduced cycle times (up to 45% in the tested milling processes)
  • Increased productivity up to 300%
  • Improved workpiece surface quality
  • Extended the tool life
  • Increased robustness of the process
  • Reduced machine wear